My Musings

As I excavate my understanding of myself and mine for my truth within, I come upon my reflection in a wellspring of sacred maternal love.

I reach into the spring and feel received, embraced, nourished, seen, understood and peacefully whole.

In my reflection, I am at ease with myself and my expressions of what is true for me. A golden vitality flows from Source and radiates from my centre, illuminating the beauty of my surroundings. I see myself as I truly am.

My hair, untamed and silty, is entwined with leaves and vines, for my heart is my only mirror in this forest within. There is a warm, ruddy glow of childlike innocence in my cheeks that surges from an unshakable trust in all that is, and I have no worries about being less than perfect. I embody my wild wherever I play – it cannot be extracted – it is one with my breath.

I am covered in earth-paint and pollen, as I have been playing hard and creating and breathing life into new worlds. My eyes are pools of paradise, aglow with the joy of being Home.

My arms are soft and welcoming; they pull the entire world into loving embrace, gently blowing away the debris from its lashes.

As my tender feet run bare, the cosmic rhythm beats through my soles, and my vigorous roots anchor deep into Mother Earth. I share the knowledge of every root and foot that has touched the sweet earth.

My wounds glisten with wisdom, and the things I once dreamt were flaws, sparkle like stars upon my skin.

I smile at the shimmering surface of the spring. She is the Divine Mother and in her reflection, I play freely as the Divine Child.

Together we dream that We are the Medicine.


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