Immersed in a fiercely paced modern culture of doing, outdoing, achieving and amassing, many of us find ourselves starving for connection, for belonging, for recognition, for presence and for celebration of Spirit. Despite all of our personal endeavours and extraordinary progress as a civilised society, we are collectively haunted by a painful loneliness; an emptiness of the heart; and no amount of activity, success or social interaction seems to nourish our souls. If our ancestors could chime in, they would say that we have lost reverence for simply “being” and concurrently forgotten the power of prayerful intention, ritual and ceremony as a means of enlivening and nurturing our indwelling Spirit. No longer present to the needs of our souls, we fruitlessly attempt to fill the deepening void within through material accumulation and external validation.

The more intensely we begin to feel this void in our lives, the more urgently it beckons us to reawaken within ourselves the recognition of our own sacredness and our ability to connect with one another, to bless one another through sacred ceremony and to rejoice in each other’s light. The wisdom of our hearts is calling us to ignite the flames of ceremony and recall our tribal songs once more; for it is only through celebration and ceremony that we can rediscover our sovereignty, pursue our sense of kinship, awaken our hearts from deep slumber and remember the primordial reasons why we chose to incarnate from Spirit into form. 

Reconnecting with the Sacred

Life as Ceremony

By developing a picture of the life you wish to embody, we will create practices to support how you want to feel throughout your day and what you want to cultivate within yourself, your family, your home and your life at large. Incorporating simple practices into your daily life can dramatically increase your sense of wellbeing, joy, gratitude and ability to embody your sacred purpose. 

will focus on incorporating transformative ceremonial gestures into your life to align your heart and mind with your vision for yourself. 

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