Allow me to guide you into your personal chrysalis, a space deep within yourself of silence and stillness, where all of your thoughts, sensitivities, fears and doubts are invited to dissolve through focused inquiry, initiating the radical formation and emergence of your most authentic and purposeful avatar.

I know no greater high than the humility, reverence and gratitude I experience when my heart connects deeply to another person and through the initiation of intimate conversation, witnesses their transformation as they return to a state of trust, innocence, play, awe, softness, authenticity and gratitude. My own heart rests when I feel that deep inner exhale within another that summons them towards the epic human pilgrimage of spiritual metamorphosis. 

Holistic Metamorphosis


Butterfly Medicine

This is the journey back to self. 

Butterfly Medicine is an invitation to enter into a heart-centred and intimately supportive relationship with me that will encourage and allow for all aspects of your life - beliefs, habits, work, environment, relationships, spirituality and lifestyle - to be seen fully and without judgement, such that any obstacles to realising your most vibrant and purposeful vision of yourself; your soul signature; can gently dissolve.

Together, we will shape this magical chrysalis, and within the safety of its walls, through the art of Presence and honest enquiry, envision the life you yearn to live. Indeed, to see the blueprint of your soul signature is enough to activate your personal Light Codes, and as everything that no longer feels true begins to fall away, the embodiment of your authentic purpose will unfold naturally. 

 3 Month, 6 Month, Full Year


buTterfly medicine pacKages

Butterfly Medicine® sessions may include any combination of my offerings (other than Homeopathic consulting), including Life as Ceremony, dream work, holistic health care practices, quantum energy work, Akashic Light Grid work, and spiritual guidance, as we journey together. This blessed journey of transformation is holistic in nature and touches upon every aspect of your life as you feel ready to explore it. I ask only that you be willing to embrace radical honesty and unwavering reverence for work that takes you out of your comfort zone. 

Holistic and Individualised Mentorship