Light language is a multidimensional, dynamic language of light expressed as sound or sacred geometric symbols that speaks directly to your Lightbody, heart and soul.

Light languages are dynamic because they do not refer to subject and object; instead, they interact directly with your energy or Lightbody. Light language arises out of and works in a state of Presence. One does not need to interpret or understand the sounds or symbols to benefit from the healing tones or written symbols. They are healing by nature, and because they are so unimaginably multilayered, no direct translation would even be possible. This is why the language bypasses the linear mind and works directly with your vibrational Lightbody. It is believed that these languages originate from and are channeled from interdimensional beings, angels and other forms of life from higher realms to activate your personal vibrational signature, which in turn magnetises towards you the most aligned opportunities for healing and for fulfilling your purpose.

Those who channel Light Language are deeply aware of the power of embracing that which cannot be understood by the mind - the unknowable mysteries of light, sound and symbol. Individuals prone to mysterious phenomena who have developed a strong relationship with the “unknown” may experience spontaneous channelings of Light Language. Each sound or symbol is produced specifically for the channeler/recipient dyad (though the channeler can be the recipient as well), and carries a unique vibration that interacts with his or her Lightbody. 

what is light language?


In 2013, after two years of earnest truth-seeking and dismantling of fixed belief systems, I had an unusual, waking vision of myself as a member of a community in an ancient civilisation, speaking a language that was like nothing I had any personal familiarity with. The vision detailed a very different matriarchal way of life in which the pairing of soul mates was based on an extraordinary psycho-spiritual connection between two individuals of high frequency vibration, such that each had significant abilities to enter into and affect the Lightbody and the physical wellness of the other. The languages spoken by this tribe and their contemporaries were dynamic in nature; meaning that the syllables were not fixedly associated with objects or meaning, but were understood in the moment by those receiving the message. I thought perhaps that these abilities could be possible if now dormant parts of our brain were active. While I didn’t know what to make of the vision, which felt neither dreamt, nor imagined, nor part of my reality, I suddenly found myself wanting to speak sounds that made no sense to me, yet conveyed a sense of meaning to some intelligent part of myself. I listened to myself speak these incredibly soothing strings of syllables on occasion but I finally gave into my logical mind that convinced me I was imagining something.

Years later, in a plant medicine ceremony, I identified the language as Light Language originating from higher dimensional cosmic beings, and I felt an enormous sense of relief, coupled with awe and a deeper commitment to honour my truth, always. Within weeks, the language came back to me, both verbally and in the form of written symbols. The writing would come to me at odd times and flow with ease until the “message” felt complete. Over time, I have come to speak and write several different languages and believe that there are many more waiting for me to remember them. These are ancient codes of light that predate any human language, and they speak directly to our Lightbody. 


what is light language

Light Language + Light Code Activation

During a Light Code activation session, I will tune into your energy field and/or Akashic Records and request a channeling of personalised Light Codes specifically for you. They may come through as written symbols or as a verbal recording. These powerful codes are supportive of your overall wellness and can help transmute physical, mental, emotional and karmic blocks in your healing process. If desired, written codes can be turned into flash tattoos for you to wear. 

a Light Language/Light Code Activation Session?

What happens during

After receiving your codes, I will ask you to observe, journal and report any changes in your thoughts, perceptions, preferences, physical conditions, circumstances, etc. By bringing your awareness to these observable shifts, no matter how insignificant they may seem, you create an opportunity for transformation to occur. Follow-up sessions may be advised so we can track changes and continue moving through any impediments in your process. 

after a Light Language/Light Code Activation session?

What can i expect