though I pronounce it differently from its origin, it is the IRISH word for "breath". 

Our breath is the universal connector - it connects us to this physical realm, to the realm of souls, to our body, to our mind, to our divine codes, to each other, to this moment and to to our true identity - Consciousness. 

Breath is the essence of life and our gateway to the higher realms. By moving our awareness to our breath, we remember our relationship with the subtle and the mysterious, potentising our breath to become a powerful catalyst for our own transformation. 



My chosen name is

I was born within a month of my parents immigrating from India to the US, and even as a child, I was aware of the privilege and responsibilities of being the first in our known family to be born outside of the traditions of India. Arriving into an orthodox family of the Hindu tradition, my childhood was infused with stories of sages and mystics and the power of prayerful intentions. And while I marvelled at the profound teachings of our scriptures and mythic stories, I quickly understood the limiting nature of ritualised religion as I had known it, and wanted for something greater that could explain what I felt inside.

I began having mystical experiences as early as four and I was still firmly tethered to memories of my past life incarnation and my previous mother. I patiently awaited a visit from this “mom”, and lived in a world supported partly by my imagination and partly by my precocious understanding of the elusive nature of reality. It was as if I, alone, was privy to experiencing a reality relieved of the constraints of time, space, and the laws of physics. My clairvoyance, intuition, and ability to manifest events began to peek through during my early childhood years and frightened me considerably. I was particularly frightened by a premonitive dream of the death of a relative. Though my sharp intuition saved my younger brother and me from a three-car collision that came crashing into our swing set seconds after I dragged him away, I told no one of these premonitions and precognitive experiences. As I entered into adolescence and the busier lifestyle of a quiet and sensitive, but active, teenager, I became devoted to sharing my emotions with my piano and exploring the graceful expression of my emotions through Kathak, an Indian classical style of dance.

I was also keenly interested in health and illness, and began to study anatomy, physiology and pathology through any means possible. My intuitive abilities seemingly diminished, and I was relieved, but I still felt everything very deeply. I found it a struggle to be around too many people and became a devout introvert, convinced that I would never feel comfortable in this world. I had yet to learn labels such as empath, clairsentient, INFJ and highly sensitive person, but I knew I was different from the people around me. At the age of sixteen, my intuition saved me yet again by urging me to have my flight booking changed on September 5, 1986, effectively keeping me off hijacked Pan Am Flight 73. 

Following that incident, I could no longer ignore that I seemed to receive information from the ethers, and with a relentless ascendant in Pisces, my intuitive gifts could not be fully occluded for long. They began to resurface during college; only this time, I was less afraid and considerably more intrigued, though a more focused exploration of my gifts would not come into play for many years still.

As one would expect, I was drawn to the fields of medicine, psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, parapsychology and mysticism. I received my B.S. in Psychology and Anthropology with a minor in religion and continued my master's studies in primatology and psychology. I abruptly left academics to become a mother of four and subsequently co-founded a natural personal care ingredients company with my partner. In the tides of protecting my children and family from the world of Western medicine that did not have their best interests at heart, I found homoeopathy and fell in love with its understanding of health and its holistic way of cure. I had finally found something that linked back to my innate understanding of spirit and Spirit as One. And though that felt like the beginning of my journey as a Lightworker, I see now that my journey started well before the timeline of this incarnation.  

If one were to run their fingers along my bookcases, they would find a telling tale of my spiritual quest through natural home birth, the healing power of touch, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, natural medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, dreamwork, Buddhism, Hinduism, energy medicine, meditation, the path of Non-Dual Inquiry, quantum science, quantum healing, Reiki, poetry as medicine, shamanism and psychedelics as medicine. And while this tale might reveal the teachings intrinsic to who I am, it is my story of synchronicities that meaningfully expresses the alchemy of the elixir that I share, because despite years of study, I was still missing the catalytic event that would turn my spiritual inquiry and intuitive gifts into embodied wisdom, or what I call Butterfly Medicine.  

my story

my purpose... to bring self-aware individuals into resonance with the language of their souls which has been echoing throughout their lifetimes; to inspire remembrance of their divine design.

my soul signature... the ability to create a safe space for others to first dissolve the patterns that are not serving them and then to reimagine themselves as their true avatar, living their highest purpose. Inspired by my own experience, I lead my clients and patients into a journey of profound metamorphosis, guided by the Heart. By bringing awareness to the spiritual, karmic, mental and emotional origins of disease and troubling circumstances, I serve my highest purpose as a facilitator of remembrance that we are luminous self-healers.


Sun Sign

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Natural Lunar Phase

INFJ - The Advocate

Myers Briggs

 9 wing 1 - The Peacemaker


White Galactic Wizard

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Planetary Origin



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Before I dare open my eyes or wonder how late I’ve slept in, I gently scan my memory for the remains of my nightly visions. I capture as many gossamer-like images, words and emotions as I can and commit them to their own story space within my dream journal; title, characters and all. This is the beginning of my conversation with myself for the day. What is my heart wanting to express? How will I love myself today? What winds are calling for my attention? I acknowledge the workings that went on within my psyche during the night and thank the day for its opportunities for exploration.

My newest excitement has been remaining in silence until midday, so I can savour myself for a few hours. My attention hugs my body, my thoughts, my feelings, my wants, and I rise from the softness of my bed to meet my desire to create something. The usual cup of Sourenee Blossom tea with honey beckons, promising to warm my body and sweeten my morning routine. I wake with a poetic orientation to the sentience of all objects and greet my surroundings with love. 

How I start my day...

Spaciousness, sensory delights and freedom are my daily gifts to myself. 

how i love myself...

Prayer, gratitude and the ability to sit with others in the exploration of the human spectrum of emotions.

a key element to meaningful living….

Time, sleeping on a normal schedule and not devouring all the honey in the pot.

what i struggle with…

Conversations of the heart with loved ones, meeting new people, good reads, a movie that leaves me in silence, time with plants and conversations with my kids.

what feels nourishing to me…

John O’Donohue • Toko-pa Turner • Jeanne Houston • Thomas Hübl • Deepak Chopra • Ram Dass • Ramesh Balsekar • Timothy Leary • Terence McKenna • Angelina Jolie • Kim Rosen • Paul Stamets • Zhen Dao • Alan Watts • Albert Einstein • Edgar Mitchell • Edgar Cayce

if i could invite anyone,

to a special dinner, my guest list would include

currently living with us or not, 

Anam Cara • Belonging • The Tibetan Book of the Dying • The Transparency of Things • Saved by a Poem • How to Change Your Mind • Becoming Supernatural • Plant Spirit Healing • Gene Keys • The Magdalen Manuscript • The Untethered Soul • Man's Search for Meaning • Upstream • Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair 

books within reach…

My ability to fully see people and feel my way to their heart.

my greatest gift is…

Corn tortillas with maple roasted acorn squash, avocado, charred corn kernels, cilantro and crumbled cotija.  

my favourite recipe at the moment…

The Owl and the Red Panda

my spirit animals…

The Fiddlehead Fern.

my spirit vegetable…

Weeping Larches • Poppies • Dahlias • Peonies • Ranunculus • Helleborus • Hemlocks • Japanese Lace-Leaf Maples • Ferns • Moss • Lotuses • Sage • Sweetgrass • Calendula • Echinacea 

my favourite botanicals...

Plants • Bonsai • Honey • Babies

what can’t i resist…

A botanical garden (Japanese ones, especially) • A tea house

i’ll go out of my way to get to: 

When you understand that everything you perceive, believe, and say are both true and untrue at the same time, you are truly Free.

In the purest state of innocence, devoid of any knowing, I return to the womb of the Divine, to remember my true nature.

Steady your listening heart on the echo, as sometimes, it is only in the ever-departing echoes that the truest meaning of what was spoken can be realised.

We don’t experience connection through what we have in common with each other; We experience connection through our mutual celebration of what we find astonishingly beautiful within each other.

my musings

As I excavate my understanding of myself and mine for my truth within, I come upon my reflection in a wellspring of sacred maternal love. 

I reach into the spring and feel received, embraced, nourished, seen, understood and peacefully whole. 

In my reflection, I am at ease with myself and my expressions of what is true for me. A golden vitality flows from Source and radiates from my centre, illuminating the beauty of my surroundings. I see myself as I truly am. 

My hair, untamed and silty, is entwined with leaves and vines, for my heart is my only mirror in this forest within. There is a warm, ruddy glow of childlike innocence in my cheeks that surges from an unshakable trust in all that is, and I have no worries about being less than perfect. I embody my wild wherever I play - it cannot be extracted - it is one with my breath. 

I am covered in earth-paint and pollen, as I have been playing hard and creating and breathing life into new worlds. My eyes are pools of paradise, aglow with the joy of being Home. 

My arms are soft and welcoming; they pull the entire world into loving embrace, gently blowing away the debris from its lashes. 

As my tender feet run bare, the cosmic rhythm beats through my soles, and my vigorous roots anchor deep into Mother Earth. I share the knowledge of every root and foot that has touched the sweet earth. 

My wounds glisten with wisdom, and the things I once dreamt were flaws, sparkle like stars upon my skin. 

I smile at the shimmering surface of the spring. She is the Divine Mother and in her reflection, I play freely as the Divine Child. 

Together we dream that We are the Medicine.

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