Dreams are our sacred visions, rich in symbolism and guiding messages, emerging from deep within our psyche, bridging our inner and outer worlds, while drawing us inward to the mysterious landscape of our self and expressing the most earnest longings of our soul. 

If honoured and coaxed by our intentions for transpersonal growth, our nightly dreams become a portal to ancient Akashic wisdom and the wisdom of the higher Self. 

When we searchingly tend to our dreams, we plunge deeper and deeper into the treasure-rich trenches of our inner world, and mine for our own self-evident truth. 

To practice the art of dream mining is to mindfully cultivate our nightly visions and reap their fruitful insights through soul-aligned action, such that each day promises to root deeper into our soul purpose.

Bridging Our Realms

Dream Mining

Working with your dreams is an ever-evolving journey into your subconscious landscape, and everyone moves through this work in their own rhythm. I love introducing people to this work as it’s often the most accessible and interesting place to begin mining for one’s truth!

we work on techniques to help you remember, record and read your dreams.

in sessions involving dream work,