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You are a miraculous expression of Consciousness, endowed with your own luminescence, divine gifts and sacred purpose. It is your birthright to fully embody this purpose, to live as your authentic, gifted Self, and to share your magic. My purpose is to be your intentional witness in the process of healing through self-remembrance and dissolution of self-limiting patterns, and to echo your future dreams into the field of infinite potential, where your higher purpose can be realised.

I see your light.

The Chrysalis is a sacred space available to the earnest Truth-seeker, within which I invite you to dissolve the limited mind-body you believe yourself to be, and reimagine yourself as you step into your most potent and limitless avatar.

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Anáil is the Crystalline Dream Weaver; a Mystic and Akashic Intuitive, gifted with access to the Sacred Light Grid and the Akashic library. She combines her experience as a classically trained homoeopath with meditative case-taking techniques, intuitive energy work, dream work and ceremonial grid work to facilitate the establishment of awareness-driven health to your mind, body and spirit, to inspire you to seek your own truth, and ultimately, to activate your ancient personal Light Codes.

Anáil invites metamorphic transformation through the weaving of information acquired from the Akashic library, your subconscious mind as expressed in your dreams and circumstances, and the deep callings that spring from your soul signature. Optional plant medicine ceremony and Akashic Light Grid adjustment may also be called upon to delve deeper into the planetary purpose of your personal Light Codes and usher forth remembrance of who you came to be.