What is Quantum Energy Healing?
The notion of quantum healing, first introduced by Dr. Deepak Chopra, emerged from his inference that if every atom and molecule arises from a quantum field, then so, too, does the human body; therefore, our bodies are quantum mechanical bodies. Additionally, coupled with documented accounts of spontaneous remissions of cancers, placebo effects, and disappearances of profound conditions in patients who seemed to undergo changes in their conscious outlooks, Dr. Chopra made an argument that there is an intangible domain that gives rise to and governs the wellbeing of the mind and body, each influencing the other in mysterious ways.

While we have yet to see science provide a verifiable explanation for cases of spontaneous remissions and the famous placebo effect, there seems to be enough evidence to suggest that changes in consciousness, self-awareness and the contents of our mind can influence not only the gross observable state of our bodies but also the genetic material and subtle forces within our bodies that create disturbances, such as inflammation. Therefore, it can be said that by encouraging small shifts in our awareness, thoughts, beliefs and aligned actions, we can cure even the deepest pathologies and malignant tumours. Furthermore, because there is no separation between our quantum mechanical bodies, another person’s awareness, intentions and perceptions are just as powerful at healing your body as yours are. 

So what does this mean in terms of healing the body or healing our circumstances? It means that our bodies are inherently intelligent and self-healing, but only when our minds are free of hindrances and remain open to all possibilities. It’s difficult, however, to know what beliefs we are holding on to that are actively preventing our bodies from healing, and even more challenging to dissolve those beliefs. It also means that I can use my own awareness, intentions and perceptions to facilitate healing in your body as if it were my own. Working together with me as your powerful witness, we will explore the traumas, beliefs and habits that lie at the root of your disturbances, hindering your self-healing processes, and playfully invite feelings, symbols and visions to guide us in shifting the deeper patterns. By playing as co-witnesses in your healing process, we will create new reference points in your awareness, thereby releasing the patterns that limit your ability to heal. And when necessary, I will use my own faculties to unblock what needs to be unblocked in your energetic field.  

Our Bodies are Wise and Self-Healing

Quantum Energy Healing

During a remote session, I use meditation or plant medicine to connect to your energy field and allow it to show me where you are experiencing the most accessible blocks so I can nudge them out of the way. During an in-person session, I use light touch to remove the blocks that I sense. A remote session is no less potent than an in-person session.

Quantum transformation sessions can be done remotely or in person, if you live near me. 

Healing at a Distance

During a remote quantum healing session, you may or may not feel anything, or you may suddenly become aware of my energy or simply think of me. During an in-person session, you may be aware of unusual sensations as the energy moves. Afterwards, I will ask you to “notice what you notice”, which simply means to be mindful of anything different, both in your body mind and in your external world. The process of witnessing change is essential to the process of healing, as the witnessing of change creates a shift in your awareness. You may experience sudden emotions, need a cry, remember something old, have a new desire to do something you’ve never done, have an urge to reconnect with someone, have a craving for something, etc. It’s impossible to list the possibilities of what may arise, but anything new should be noted. If you already work with your dreams, you may have a meaningful dream. Note everything down. This is the time to embrace journaling, while keeping me updated. These minute changes are like magical breadcrumbs that will lead you into your healing experience. 

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