In my own experience, the Light Grid is a holographic constellation of light that is not separate from the Akashic Records, but is retrieved through the Akashic and is encoded with the events, circumstances, illnesses, traumas and relationships that your soul has encountered throughout its journey. This fabric of light often appears to me with pinches, twists, tears, densities, knots, etc. where some aspect of your experience is being influenced by your soul's experiences from the past or future. When I’m grounded in a state of universal Love, I can lovingly witness and ask these areas of the grid to self-heal, allowing old patterns and beliefs to shift. This allows the new opportunities that your soul desires for its own growth to come to fruition. It is the process of witnessing, understanding and releasing an old pattern or relationship that allows for shifts to take place. 

What is the Light Grid?

The Akashic Records can be thought of as the library of our existence, or of consciousness. It contains every event, thought, intention, and action that ever was, or ever will be, and exists in a non-physical higher plane of consciousness. It is the collective wisdom of manifested beings and holds the stories that give rise to our nature, our feelings, our beliefs, our journeys, our lessons, our relationships and our challenges. In essence, these records hold the key to why we create the realities that we do. By peering into the Akashic field of information, we can gain an understanding of the purposefulness of our challenges and setbacks, turning the chaos into meaningful opportunities for growth. The Akashic Records contain all the potentialities that we call into our lives as we learn from, and interact with, our circumstances, which means, the more we understand about what we are here to learn and accomplish, the more easefully we can magnetise perfectly aligned opportunities to show up in our field of choice. This information, encoded in the form of light, can be accessed through intention and practice by anyone willing to put in the effort.

What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Record Light Grid Healing

I enter into an altered state of consciousness, connect with our guides, teachers, angels, ancestors, galactic guides, and Spirit and request access to the most relevant nodes in the Light Grid to support your evolution. I generally do not do a “reading”, as it is too multidimensional of an experience to be able to describe anything coherently. If I see something that I am guided to know is vital for you to hear, I will let you know. I handle anything I see delicately and with utmost compassion and respect.   

During a Light Grid Session, 

After a Light Grid healing session, I will ask you to “notice what you notice”, which simply means to be aware of anything different, both in your body mind and in your external world. The process of witnessing change is essential to the process of healing, as the witnessing of change creates a shift in your awareness. You may experience sudden emotions, need a cry, remember something old, have a new desire to do something you’ve never done, have an urge to reconnect with someone, have a craving for something, etc. It’s impossible to list the possibilities of what may arise, but anything new should be noted. If you already work with your dreams, you may have a meaningful dream. Note everything down. This is the time to embrace journaling, while keeping me updated. These minute changes are like magical breadcrumbs that will lead you into your healing experience.


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